Las Vegas Exotic Rental Cars

Renting an Exotic Car in Las Vegas – doing Las Vegas High Roller Style

Las Vegas is a city of high rollers, wealth, and extravagance. A trip to the city without the appropriate ride is not complete. If you don’t own a great car, exotic car rental in Las Vegas can help you enjoy the high roller lifestyle.

Millions of tourists from all over the globe flock to the city every year to watch boxing matches, gamble, visit must see sites, or simply just have fun in ways how kings, celebrities, and rock stars will do it.
To cater to the number of visitors, Las Vegas offers a myriad of options through the car rentals that line the streets. You can get around hiring cabs or riding buses but nothing beats the experience of renting an exotic car to go around Vegas.

If Las Vegas Stripyou want to live a high roller lifestyle for a few nights and be consistent with the wheels, be prepared to shell out around $300 to $500 a day or more depending on the car that you want.

Most rentals will also check for your identity and require that you are at least 25 years of age with a driver’s license. It is but natural for them to worry handing over the keys of these very expensive mean machines to a total stranger.

You can also find short time rentals which may be a bit cheaper than the 24 hour rates. It will be wise to go for these if you are just staying in Las Vegas for around five hours. On the other hand, you can ask for discounts if you will be using the car for a few days.

Vegas Wedding Package

Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world. This is due to how cost effective it is to get married in Vegas, as well as how easy it is to obtain a marriage license.

If you are planning your wedding in Sin City you can select from one of many wedding packages. From the Boneyard and Las Vegas Strip to scenic wedding destinations such as Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam, there are a wide variety of places that you can get married when visiting Vegas.

You do not have to own the fastest and sleekest sports car when you get married in Las Vegas in order to make heads turn when you pull up the entrance of the hotel or casino by renting a Porsche in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Porsche 911 GT2

Although you practically have unlimited choices from luxury and exotic cars but nothing beats the attraction for the flash of a sports car like one from Porsche.

Porsche Cayman SThe Porsche brand is among the most prestigious brands in the car industry. At one point, a survey pointed to Porsche as the classiest and luxurious of all brands.

When you say Porsche, it is often associated with power and wealth. The brand is inculcated in the minds of car lovers as it made itself present in a lot of films, songs, and video games.

The Porsche is built to live and exceed the expectation of the Las Vegas strip. It creates a lasting impression of how you want to treat anyone special to you.

When you go to the car rental shop, go for the sports car which has more flash than the classic or exotic cars.

Renting a Bentley in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas attracts a lot of people including artists, business magnates, celebrities, and even royalties. They come in elegant suits, tons of money to gamble, and fabulous gleaming cars. Majority of us only dream of this lifestyle and may only have enough money to enjoy for a few nights.

The Sin City is a place where dreams can come true. For a few days or nights, you can live grandly by getting the right hotel, spending some in the casinos, partying your heart out, and cruising around in a great car.

Bentleys tend to have a high insurance quote but when renting such a car it’s not your concern of course! You can also get an automobile which royalties prefer and it will surely make your stay memorable. You can drive regal by renting a Bentley in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bentley Motors Limited is known for manufacturing luxury cars and most of them earn the status of being a classic through the years. The Bentley has also been featured on the silver screen and the television.

The brand is considered a Royal Warrant Holder, a recognition from the British Royal Family. This also means that the manufacturer is the exclusive supplier of automobiles to the Royal Family. In 2002, they were commissioned to design the state car of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cruising in a Bentley along the Las Vegas strip is an ultimate experience. Rental companies can give you a lot of options if you want to ride a Bentley while enjoying the thrills of the Sin City.

More Bentley info _ Bentley news on the popular Bentley Blog!

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