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Despite being one of the most powerful automobiles, the Corvette failed to instigate the interest levels of the commoners in the country. In order to boost this failing image, GM released a newer, enhanced version of the default model and christened it the Corvette ZHZ. Although the ZHZ might seem just like the original version, there are marked differences between the two. Here is the first one – GM has launched the Corvette ZHZ in collaboration with Hertz rent-a-car. In other terms, you will be able to drive one of these only by reserving it in the nearest Hertz outlet.

You now realize that the Corvette and the Corvette ZHZ is different. The new ZHZ features a 6.2L V8 engine (the same engine can be found in some other offerings from GM). The engine is constructed from pure aluminum and hence the effective curb weight of the automobile is lowered. GM has also modified the exhaust system of the Corvette ZHZ. Now it comes as a dual-mode exhaust. The lightweight nature of the engine when combined with the dual mode exhaust of the ZHZ helps in increasing the effective hp of the car to 436.

According to GM, Hertz was chosen as the official partner to distribute the vehicle due to the widespread and networked operations of the latter. Hertz has been widely popular among the masses and hence the company profits are always on the rise. Hertz also maintains auto rental outlets in Las Vegas international airport. The ZHZ was initially distributed in smaller numbers across select rental outlets. With the increased demand for the vehicle, GM had to remove the limited edition tag associated with the Corvette ZHZ. In simpler terms, it helped the customers immensely – they could now avail the Corvette ZHZ for rental from any Hertz rental outlet in the country.

Corvette ZHZ Convertible Corvette ZHZ Las Vegas

The magnetic selective ride control feature of the Corvette ZHZ is worth mentioning in here. The automobile allows the driver to select “sports” mode or “tour” mode. The height of the vehicle along with other parameters is altered dynamically to accommodate the driving habits of the occupier. The tires included with the Corvette ZHZ are Goodyear Eagle F1 EMT. The driver can thus ensure the enhanced stability of the ZHZ regardless of the driving conditions. GM includes a larger brake to accommodate the tire sizes (which were stepped up to 18 and 19-inch in the front and rear respectively).

Hertz provides online reservation of the Corvette ZHZ. Do not underestimate the popularity of the ZHZ. If it is your lucky day, the chances of being able to reserve the vehicle, are ripe. If not, you will have to satisfy with the other exotic and luxury sports cars that are available with the same car rental. Hertz also provides free access to satellite radio and an advanced navigational system. These will allow the drive to ease out while handling the vehicle through the busy freeways. As always, please keep us posted with your experiences.

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